About us

CvLogo supports assets throughout their professional life, companies, recruitment firms and ETTs on their HR and recruitment issues and training centers on the promotion of their offers.

Find the candidate you need

Support all recruiters, employers, trainers, consultants, sourcers in their daily lives; support leaders and communities on employment and training.

Our asset communities

To speak well to an active person, you have to know how to talk to them. And to talk to him: you have to know what he likes and what he is looking for. This is what we do every day by interacting with members of our 15 communities.

Data & Semantic Analysis

Our mastery of these technologies and the evolution of digital technology allow us to show the right news, offer the best opportunity and advise the latest training to the right person at the best time.

15 employees passionate about digital

Our 15 digital experts work every day to effectively connect you with the resources you need.

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