Definition: Accounting Management Agent Job Description

What are the missions of the Accounting Management Agent? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this accountancy management agent job file.

Focus on the profession of Accountant

Are you looking for a job where you can handle numbers and which is accessible with a CAP? Discover the profession of Accountant. Follow the leader.

What is an Accountant?

Also known as the financial management agent, budget management agent or budget manager, the accounting officer ensures the accounting treatment of current expenses and receipts, the maintenance of advance or revenue accounts. This varied and evolving profession is carried out within a public administration as well as a private company.

The missions of the Accountant

If he works in a small and medium-sized company, he will be more versatile than in a large company where he will be specialized.

Nevertheless, its current activities are:

  • Reception, verification and classification of accounting documents
  • Entering commitments and mandates
  • Updating third party files
  • Preparation and monitoring of lines of credit and various statements
  • Computer processing of files
  • Inventory management
  • Management of relationships with suppliers and service agents

Qualifications required to become an Accountant

Rigor and thoroughness

The Accountant is expected to have an irreproachable practice of accounting techniques, mastery of accounting standards and procedures, as well as specialized software.


To be a good accountant, it is necessary to master accounting standards and procedures, as well as specialized computer software. Curious, the accountant must keep abreast of social, fiscal and legal developments.

Training to become an Accountant

The exercise of the profession of Accountant requires at least obtaining the CAP.

Initial training

CAP level

  • CAP (Accounting)
  • Professional baccalaureate (Management-administration, Office automation, etc.),

Baccalaureate standard

  • Bac ES, S or STMG, option Accounting

Licence level

  • BTS Accounting and Management of Organizations
  • DUT Management of companies and administrations, option Finances-accounting

Possible developments of the Accountant

The accountant can progress to the professions of management controller, chief accountant in a company.

Accounting Agent Salary

A novice accountant earns a minimum wage of around 1,800 dolars gross per month depending on the company and its qualification.

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