Definition: Adjuster-fitter Job Description

What are the missions of the Adjuster-Fitter? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this Fitter-Fitter job sheet.

Fitter-fitter profession

If you were a fan of meccano and lego as a child, the profession of fitter is right for you. Discover the profession in detail: mission, training, recruitment, retraining.

What is an Fitter-fitter?

A highly sought-after precision profession with nearly 6,000 recruitments each year, the fitter-assembler is responsible for receiving, assembling and fixing a whole set and sub-set of parts of a mechanical system to be produced.

Initially, he therefore takes care of receiving the parts (nuts, knobs, screws, structures, etc.) and checks their conformity.

From a plan of the product, he identifies the various elements, their location, their fixing method and checks their possible defects before correcting them if possible. For this, he may have to sand, file, cut, drill using various tools.

Then comes the moment of assembly which is done in a specific order following the technical document or in an order that the professional determines himself. In order for the assembly to be functional, the fitter-fitter is often required to make adjustments.

He must therefore have a good knowledge of the different fixing techniques and master the composition of the elements.

Once all the parts have been assembled and adjusted, he carries out a whole series of tests in order to guarantee the correct functioning of the assembly and to correct the last defects.

Fitter-fitter missions

  • Read and understand the product plan and the instruction file;.
  • Respect the specifications;
  • Receive all the parts;
  • Check their compliance;
  • Adapt and correct parts as needed;
  • Assemble the different elements;
  • Control the finished product by a series of tests and trials;
  • Identify dysfunctions and make the necessary adjustments;
  • Write the minutes.
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Where does the fitter-fitter work?

One of the great advantages of this profession lies in the diversity of the sectors in which he can practice. Industrial equipment, armaments, aeronautical and space, rail, automobile or naval manufacturers, tool manufacturers or in companies specializing in industrial maintenance, the choices are not lacking.

The fitter-fitter works in assembly workshops or assembly sheds, but he can also travel to certain customers for repairs, maintenance operations or modifications.

Trends in the profession

This technician is one of the most sought-after professions each year with several thousand positions to be filled in a large number of sectors. The fitter-fitter therefore has little difficulty in finding a job.

Qualifications required to become a fitter

This technician must know how to show great rigor and thoroughness in adjusting the elements according to the fixing methods provided. Thanks to his lynx gaze, he identifies faults at a glance and corrects them.

Very methodical, he respects the assembly instructions and the planned order while not forgetting to note everything in his report.

The fitter-fitter must also know how to show ingenuity and skill to find an effective solution when encountering a problem with a part to be assembled.

The fitter-fitter also has excellent physical condition and foolproof composure because he often works standing in a rather noisy environment due to machine tools and inconvenient (dust, chemicals, heat, cold… ) with sometimes shifted working hours.

Training to become a fitter

Initial training


  • Professional baccalaureate in industrial equipment maintenance (MEI) which is prepared in three years after the third class. The first objective of this professional baccalaureate is professional integration but, with a very good record or a mention in the exam, a continuation of studies in BTS.
  • Professional baccalaureate technician toolmaker which is prepared in three years after the third class. Students holding certain CAPs in the same sector can also prepare for it in 2 years under certain conditions. The primary objective of this professional baccalaureate is professional integration but, with a very good record or a mention in the exam, further studies in BTS are possible.
  • Professional baccalaureate in aeronautics, structure option which is prepared in three years after the 3rd class and allows to intervene in the sectors of construction or maintenance of aircraft.
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  • BTS design of product realization processes accessible to any holder of a baccalaureate and who prepares in 2 years.
  • DUT mechanical and production engineering accessible to any holder of a baccalaureate and prepares in 2 years.

Continuing education

Are you considering a professional retraining as a fitter-fitter? Several certifications and professional titles allow access to this profession, which is in great demand by companies through continuing education or VAE:

  • Professional title (TP) qualified industrial equipment assembler
  • CQPM Industrial Fitting Adjuster
  • CQPM Industrial Toolmaker Fitter
  • CQPM Aircraft Structural Fitter
  • CQPM Stamping toolmaker fitter
  • CQPM Mechanized Systems Assembler
  • Professional title precision tool mechanic
  • Professional title fitter mold maker
  • Professional title fitter adjuster of mechanical and automated systems
  • TP assembler of metallic and composite aeronautical structures
  • CQPM aircraft structural fitter.

Possible evolutions of the fitter-fitter

Easily accessible in the context of a retraining, the experience also offers this professional the possibility of occupying management positions. He can start with that of team leader before running for workshop manager. If he is interested in teaching, he can become a trainer for a vocational school or a training center.

Salary of a fitter

The novice fitter-fitter can expect to earn a salary of around $ 1,600 per month. Over time, this remuneration can evolve up to $ 2,200.

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