Definition: Administrative Assistant Job Description

What are the duties of Administrative Assistant? What training courses to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this Administrative Assistant job file.

Administrative assistant profession

More than a job, administrative assistant is a body of state which encompasses a multitude of professions depending on the position: reception and information of the public, secretarial and accounting activities, he performs administrative work in a public service establishment. Discover the profession of administrative assistant in detail: mission, salary, possible training, retraining.

What is an Administrative Assistant?

Always in contact with the public, the assistant or administrative agent performs various administrative tasks on a daily basis within a public service structure (town hall, prefecture, departments of ministries, schools, hospitals, etc.), in an office.

Administrative assistants represent the largest contingent of civil servants.

Missions of the administrative agent

Depending on his place of practice, the duties of the administrative assistant may include:

  • Public reception,
  • Ranking,
  • Accounting,
  • Gestion the schedule,
  • Switchboard,
  • Computer input,
  • Preparation of files,
  • Literature search,
  • Cash in charge,
  • Keeping of inventories
  • Marriage certificates,
  • Follow-up of registrations of requests for French national identity cards, passports, etc.

Qualities to become an administrative agent

Representing the image of the State, he must have an irreproachable presentation, be courteous and discreet.

Contact profession, you have to demonstrate good interpersonal skills, master at least one foreign language including English and be mobile and available.

A good general culture and mastery of office tools, coupled with qualities of seriousness and assiduity will optimize career development.

Multitasking, the administrative agent must be organized, available, responsive and autonomous. He must know how to take initiatives to relieve his superiors.

Training to become an Administrative Assistant

To become an administrative assistant, you must pass the administrative assistant competition (category C), accessible without any diploma and without age requirement.

To pass this competition, you must pass the admissibility test (writing an explanation of the text) and complete written exercises that allow you to assess your vocabulary, spelling, grammar and mathematics skills.

2 specialties are possible: general administration or administration and typing with professional situation during an interview with the jury, during a practical test.

It is also possible to go through an internal public service competition.

The City of Paris organizes its own competitions.

Other diplomas exist to occupy an administrative position but rather in the private sector:

  • BTS NDRC (Negotiation and Digitalization of Customer Relations)
  • DUT Marketing Techniques
  • BTS Technico-Commercial
  • Doctorate Business School

Salary of an Administrative Assistant

The salary depends on the grade and step. In addition to this main remuneration, which increases with seniority, various allowances and bonuses are added.

The average net monthly salary of an administrative agent is around $ 1,800 for a man or a woman, varying from $ 1,500 to $ 2,200 over the course of his career.

(Source: Insee statistics).

Careers and evolutions of the Administrative Assistant

Given that the competition is accessible without a prerequisite diploma or maximum or minimum age, and by the job security it provides, this profession is highly sought after by young people and retraining people.

The possible evolutions correspond to levels which must be climbed with the years and the experience, by administrative competition or by list of aptitudes on proposal of his hierarchy.

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