Definition: Agri-food Production Agent Job Description

What are the missions of the agrifood production agent? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this job description of agrifood production agent.

Agri-food production agent profession

Monitoring and regulating a machine or an automated line for processing food products, while ensuring compliance with hygiene and safety rules, this is the daily life of this profession which recruits massively each year. Discover the profession of agrifood production agent in detail in order to check if it corresponds to your aspirations and your retraining objectives.

What is an agri-food production agent?

Also called food manufacturing operator or food production agent, this professional is a worker responsible for the transformation of raw materials into products intended for food and works on a production line in an industrial manufacturing workshop or in a production workshop. conditioning. Its role requires it to scrupulously apply the manufacturing instructions and to follow the recipes assigned to it to the letter. The food manufacturing operator performs both manual and automated actions.

But his role does not stop there since he is also in charge of the supply of raw materials, the maintenance of installations, the cleaning and disinfection of workplaces.

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Missions of the agrifood production agent

The missions of the agrifood production agent are extremely varied:

  • Parameterization of production data and parameters of quantity, mixture, dosage, etc.
  • Monitoring the supply of machines, installations and the flow of products and materials.
  • Functional control of machines and equipment
  • Intervention in case of failure
  • Checking the conformity of raw materials and products obtained
  • Control the packaging and labeling of products
  • Establish production or incident monitoring reports and transmit the information to the parties concerned.
  • Equipment operation (pallet trucks, forklifts, ground order pickers, etc.) requiring specific authorization such as CACES
  • Control the packaging and labeling of products automatically or manually.
  • Coordinate the activity of a team.

Where does the agri-food production agent work?

Unsurprisingly, this professional works in the food industry:

  • Frozen Meal Manufacturing Plants
  • Plant processing plants
  • Industrial pastry, confectionery,
  • Beverage sector
  • Pharmaceutical sector

For his safety and to respect hygienic conditions, he wears Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) consisting of gloves, hearing protection, safety shoes, mask, cap, etc.

He can work in shifts, at night, on weekends or on public holidays with peaks according to the seasons (Christmas, summer, Easter, etc.). piloting and sometimes in the workshop and withstand temperature variations (refrigeration, hot, humid).

Trends in the profession

With 500,000 workers, the food industry is the second largest French industry in terms of number of jobs. This sector therefore offers strong recruitment opportunities each year.

Qualifications required to become an agri-food production agent

  • Thoroughness in using the sampling instruments wisely and interpreting the data
  • Ability to concentrate and pay attention to avoid accidents when using machines
  • Excellent knowledge of health and safety rules
  • Dynamism and organization
  • Good interpersonal skills to work in a team
  • Physical resistance to endure standing for long periods of time, endure noise, cold and heat
  • No allergy
  • High availability
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Training to become an agri-food production agent

The production agent position is accessible without a diploma or via a very short training course allowing rapid development in this function and within the company. This makes it an easily accessible profession in the event of professional reorientation.

CAP/BEP level

  • CAP/BEP in automated machine operation
  • CAP/BEP in maintenance on machines and automation
  • CAP/BEP in mechanics or electromechanics
  • CAP operating industrial facilities
  • BEP in mechanical engineering

Baccalaureate standard

  • Professional title (TP) Industrial manufacturing agent
  • Professional baccalaureate in mechanical engineering
  • Bac Pro in the field of activity of the company: agri-food, metallurgy, bakery, butcher, delicatessen, fishmonger…

Graduate+1 level

  • CS processing of meat products
  • CS technician specialized in dairy processing
  • CS production, transformation and marketing of farm products

The CQP Manufacturing Operator or the CQP Production Agent, specialized in the targeted sector of activity also allows access to this profession for people in activity.

Possible evolutions of the agrifood production agent

After a few years of experience, the production agent can progress to management positions such as:

  • Production line manager
  • Leader
  • Production animator
  • Head of production unit
  • Production or packaging line operator
  • Assembly agent on specialized operations
  • Quality controller

Salary of an Agri-Food Manufacturing Operator

The salary of a production agent starting his career is around $ 1,500 per month, to which bonuses can be added.

The most experienced profiles can expect to exceed 2000 $ per month.

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