Definition: Airport Stopover Agent Job Description

What are the missions of the airport ground handling agent? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this job description of Airport stopover agent.

Focus on the profession of airport ground handling agent

An essential figure in the airline company, the ground handling agent is an essential professional for every traveler who travels or is in transit? Follow the leader.

What is a ground handling agent?

Positioned at the airport reception desks, this professional is employed by an airline and is part of the ground team. Under the responsibility of the station manager, the airport station agent belongs to the commercial services of the airline company and works at the reception desks of passengers of an airport departing (boarding), on their arrival (disembarking) or in correspondence (transit). The station agent must be irreproachable and have a completely clean criminal record.

The missions of the airport stopover agent

The ground handling agent is the first person in the airline company that passengers meet during their journey and his missions are versatile.

Its primary role is to welcome, inform, guide, check in baggage, issue boarding cards and ensure the smooth passage of travelers through the airport. It facilitates the formalities of correspondence and can also take care of children traveling alone, the elderly or disabled.

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Then, in the event of bad weather, delay or any other difficulties encountered, he informs the passengers.

The mission of the station agent is therefore to ensure that everything runs smoothly for travelers. Thus, he ensures compliance with safety rules and procedures and does everything possible with his colleagues to ensure that the aircraft can leave on time.

Qualifications required to become a ground handling agent


The missions of the ground handling agent involve being available at the time when planes take off and arrive: at night, on weekends and on public holidays without distinction.

Good presentation

First image of the company transmitted to the public, the station agent must be welcoming, smiling, friendly, polite but also have an irreproachable presentation and know how to express himself properly.


The ground handling agent must be able to speak at least 2 languages, including English, in order to be able to welcome international passengers in good conditions.

Stress management

In order to adapt to all situations, even the most stressful, this professional must have a foolproof mind and good self-control.

Excellent knowledge of regulations

The commercial ground agent must master the regulations for the transport of passengers and dangerous products, as well as airport security rules.

Training to become a Station Agent

The minimum level of training required is the general, technological or professional baccalaureate (preferably in the tertiary sector) as well as the practice of fluent English. Of course, higher commercial, tourist or linguistic training is an additional asset for recruiters.

Initial training

After obtaining the baccalaureate, it is possible to take:

  • MC reception in transport in 1 year
  • A BTS tourism in 2 years which can be carried out in alternation
  • A DUT in marketing techniques in 2 years
  • A bachelor’s degree in applied foreign languages ​​(master)
  • The airport call agent certificate issued by the Ecole supérieure des trades de l’Aviation (ESMA) in Paris. This short professional training course includes a practical internship
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Within the airlines, the people recruited receive internal training.

Continuing education

Are you considering a professional retraining as a station agent? Note that this profession is accessible through continuing education for adults:

  • Level IV certification for airport commercial stopover, issued by Aéroform international, in Sarcelles (Graduate level)
  • Short non-certifying ground agent training courses offered by various organizations including Horizons Academy in Paris Nord 2, Académie Ilia in Antony (92) or Camas/IAF in Tremblay-en-France (93)…

With regard to English proficiency, it is strongly recommended to follow a preparation for the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) – English call agent – level B1 – intermediate tests.

Possible changes to the Station Agent

After a few years of experience, a station agent can become a station manager. In this case, he will be in charge of supervising all flight processing, and will supervise all airport ground handling agents.

However, the professional skills acquired in customer relations or business practice can be used in many other sectors.

Ground handling agent salary

The salary of a ground handling agent depends on the company that employs them and their experience in the trade.

A novice station agent earns around $ 1,600 gross per month, plus compensatory allowances for shifted hours.

With experience, the average salary of a ground handling agent can reach approximately $ 2,200 gross.

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