Definition: Animation Assistant Job Description

What are the missions of an animation assistant? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this job description of territorial animation assistant.

Assistant animation profession

Category C official, the animation assistant performs its functions under the direction of one or more facilitators.

Within local authorities or local public establishments, it sets up entertainment and leisure activities (extracurricular, neighborhoods, social mediation, etc.) for children or adults.

Discover the profession in detail: mission, training, recruitment, retraining.

What is an animation assistant?

Assistant of animation is a framework of jobs of the territorial public service (FPT) of category C composed of 3 grades:

  • Territorial animation assistant : 11 steps (12 steps from January 1, 2021)
  • 2nd class regional coordinating assistant : 12 steps
  • 1st class territorial principal animation assistant : 10 steps

Most occupy the lowest grade in the employment framework.

The first grade assistant participates in the implementation of animation activities, under the responsibility of a territorial coordinator or a territorial animation assistant of the higher grades.

When he reaches the next higher grade (main regional animation assistant of 2nd or 1st class), he implements activities requiring recognized competence in animation, possibly under the responsibility of a territorial animator.

In social mediation, the territorial animation assistant can participate in actions to prevent conflicts or re-establish dialogue between people and institutions in public spaces or open to the public.

He works under the responsibility of a regional coordinator or a category A agent and in collaboration with the agents of the services intervening in this field.

Its field of intervention is multiple:

  • The extracurricular sector
  • Lively neighborhoods
  • Social mediation
  • Rural development
  • Urban social development policy
  • The organization of leisure activities

It can intervene within reception or accommodation structures.

What are the possible jobs?

The employment framework for territorial animation assistants covers a multitude of professions:

  • Educational animator extracurricular support (Extracurricular animator)
  • Childhood-youth leader
  • Child education support agent (Specialist nursery school agent)
  • Early childhood facilitator
  • Child-youth-education coordinator
  • Head of leisure facilities
  • Social mediator
  • Sociocultural animator
  • Special educator

Missions of a regional animation assistant

The missions can be carried out between the 3 grades differently depending on the demographic size of the community and its mode of organization.

The missions of a extracurricular animator are the following :

  • Develops and implements educational projects (in the context of welcoming children outside of school hours)
  • Takes care of children from 3 to 12 years old
  • Organizes playful (plasticine), artistic (dance lessons), manual (cutting, collage…) or educational (learning nursery rhymes) activities
  • Acts as a link between parents and teachers

The missions of a MJC host (House of Youth and Culture) are as follows:

  • Supervises young people
  • Organize activities
  • Involve teens in
    • Sports outings: football match, rugby, meetings…
    • Cultural outings: theater, cinema, painting exhibition…
    • Local events: music festival, flea markets, trade fairs, meals, etc.
    • Stays: skiing, hiking, horse riding…
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The missions of a animator in a retirement home are the following :

  • Motivates and supports the elderly
  • Get them to participate in activities that will stimulate them: memory games, dancing, singing, etc.

The missions of a neighborhood animator are the following :

  • Participates in literacy activities
  • Directs people in difficulty to the appropriate establishments: CAF, Pôle Emploi, social worker, etc.

The missions of a sociocultural animator are the following :

  • Creates and organizes cultural, social or educational animation projects in the field of leisure, social action or local development
  • Creates social bond

Where does the regional animation assistant work?

It is the local authorities that recruit the animation assistants : regions, departments, municipalities, local public reception and accommodation establishments (associations, leisure centers, social centers, children’s homes, etc.) and public housing offices (OPH).

Its places of practice are therefore extremely varied: nursery school, primary school, recreation center, retirement home, MJC, workers’ home, home for all…

Trend of the profession

The reform of school rhythms instituting extracurricular activities has resulted in an increase in the demand for new animators.

In the neighborhood houses, the territorial animation assistants are essential to create a social bond.

The openings are therefore numerous as are the employment opportunities.

Qualifications required to become an animation assistant

For become regional animation assistant, several qualities and skills are necessary:

  • Taste for teamwork and human relations
  • Ability to adapt to a variety of audiences (children, adolescents, young adults or the elderly)
  • Know how to take care of toddlers (extracurricular in kindergarten and leisure centers for 3-6 years), children or adolescents
  • Good communicator
  • Knowledge of safety rules
  • Follow instructions
  • Creativity (to invent activities adapted to each one)
  • Organisation
  • Reactivity
  • Cold blood
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Sports skills (given that he often participates in the activities that he sets up)

Recruitment to become animation assistant

To become a regional animation assistant (1st grade)

Recruitment is done without competition for access to the grade regional animation assistant.

The application therefore involves sending a CV and a cover letter. Each application is examined by a commission.

To become 2nd class regional assistant for main animation (2nd grade)

To gain access to the rank of 2nd class regional senior animation assistant, recruitment is carried out:

  • On external competition (for approximately 40% of the positions put up for competition) open to candidates holding a certificate of professional aptitude for assistant facilitator-technician (BAPAAT) or a qualification recognized as equivalent.
  • On internal competition (for approximately 40% of the positions put up for competition) open to civil servants and non-tenured agents of the State civil service, of the territorial civil service and of the hospital civil service, as well as to employees working in an international organization. They must prove, on January 1 of the year of the competition, at least one year of effective public services.
  • On third competition (for approximately 20% of the positions put up for competition) open to candidates who have been able to prove, of at least 4 years, the exercise, corresponding to the realization of activities of animation, educational, local development or social mediation, either of mandates as a member of a deliberative assembly of a local authority, or of activities carried out as a manager of an association. A decree sets out the procedures for taking these different activities into account.
  • by internal promotion by “advancement of your choice” or after professional examination.
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To become 1st class regional assistant for main animation (3rd grade)

To gain access to the rank of 1st class regional senior animation assistant, recruitment is carried out:

  • On external competition
  • On internal competition
  • On third competition
  • By grade advancement

The recruitment conditions for the 1st class territorial animation assistant competition are those required to be established in the territorial public service.

Each candidate must meet the following conditions:

  • Possess French nationality or be a national of an EEC member state
  • Enjoy your civic rights
  • Not have a criminal record (bulletin n ° 2) bearing information incompatible with the performance of his duties
  • Be in a regular position with regard to the national service code
  • Fulfill the conditions of physical fitness required for the exercise of the function

Compulsory training of a territorial animation assistant

During his career, a administrative assistant must follow several mandatory training courses:

  • An integration training of 5 to 10 days during the internship period.
  • First-job professionalization training (5 to 10 days in total) within 2 years of their appointment, secondment or direct integration.
  • Professionalization training throughout their career at a rate of 2 to 10 days per period of 5 years
  • When he takes up a position of responsibility, the agent must follow, within 6 months of his assignment to the job in question, a training course of 3 to 10 days.

We have just seen in detail the conditions of access to this employment framework.

Regarding those of the profession, we invite you to look at the training to access each of them (thanks to our job sheets).

Possible evolutions of a territorial animation assistant

An animation assistant can evolve by advancement in step. For this, he must complete a period of service specified in the index tables of the employment framework.

It can also evolve by moving to a higher grade (grade advancement).

Subject to seniority, a regional animation assistant can advance to the 2nd grade (senior 2nd class animation assistant) by choice of advancement (after registration on a progress table) or after a professional examination.

A 2nd class regional animation assistant can advance to the 3rd grade (1st class principal assistant), by advancement of his choice, subject to seniority.

Salary of an animation assistant

The animation assistant salary depends on his grade and step (depending on his experience).

A regional animation assistant earns 1,532.33 $ gross per month at step 1 and 1,724.46 $ at step 11.

A 2nd class senior regional animation assistant earns 1,541.70 $ gross per month at step 1 and 1,958.76 $ at step 12.

A 1st class senior territorial animation assistant earns $ 1,640.11 gross per month at step 1 and $ 2,183.69 at step 10.

To this gross remuneration, may be added index bonuses, bonuses and allowances: family salary supplement (SFT), residence allowances, GIPA, etc.

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