Definition: Aromatherapist Job Description

What are the missions of the Aromatherapist? What training courses to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this Aromatherapist job description.

Aromatherapist profession

Specialist in essential oils and their impact on health, discover the aromatherapist profession in detail: mission, salary, possible training, retraining.

What is an Aromatherapist?

The search for alternatives to conventional medicine explains the growing appeal of alternative medicine. Among these, we find aromatherapy.

Not to be confused with the phytotherapist who uses the whole plant, thearomatherapist only use their essential oils. The word “aromatherapist” comes from Aroma which means aroma and therapist which is defined by “a person who heals the sick”. But beware, this job description only presents the profession of aromatherapy advisor and not that of aromatherapist doctor who is the only one who can “heal”. He should also not be confused with the herbalist and the homeopath.

L‘aromatherapist knows perfectly the active ingredients of essential oils and their specificities in order to be able to advise his client on their use according to the ailments he wishes to treat: stress, digestive disorder, headaches, burns… the field of possibilities is immense.

Generally, l‘aromatherapist exercises other specialties in parallel such as naturopathy or herbal medicine. He may also already be a physiotherapist, doctor, veterinarian, midwife or pharmacist.

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Missions of the Aromatherapist

  • Sensitize health professionals to the use of essential oils to diversify their practices;
  • Get to know their client, their environment, their history, their current treatments, their state of health
  • Offer one or more essential oils adapted to the client’s ailments;
  • Offer workshops around a specific theme.

Qualities to become an Aromatherapist

First of all, aromatherapist will have to understand his client and the reason why he wants to use aromatherapy. For this, the professional will establish dialogue and empathy is then an essential quality to identify the symptoms and recommend the right remedies.

Then, rigor and clarity are two watchwords in this profession where the misuse of oils can be dangerous. The aromatherapist must know how to guide and advise his client on the use and mode of administration of essential oils.

Finally, aromatherapist has a very good knowledge of aromatic plants and their properties, as well as the functioning of the human body.

Training to become an Aromatherapist

For become an aromatherapist, no diploma is required. However, the follow-up of a professional training is strongly advised in order to acquire the essential knowledge. Several solutions are available to easily allow you a professional retraining as an aromatherapist.

For become an aromatherapist, various courses of varying length, face-to-face or by correspondence, are available and of varying duration.

Salary of an Aromatherapist

As an independent, the salary of an aromatherapist depends on the number of sessions performed per month. The average salary varies between 1,500 and 2,500 $.

Opportunities and evolutions of the Aromatherapist

L‘aromatherapist can exercise liberally, work in an aromatherapy institute or any other wellness center.

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Some are recruited from beauty institutes, thalassotherapy centers or spas.

The professional can also sell his products to shops or online sales sites.

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