Definition: Canine Groomer Job Description

True hairdresser of our 4-legged companions, in his hands, the dogs find great looks. Discover this profession in detail: job, training, salary, developments.

Focus on the profession of dog groomer

Professional in canine beauty and aesthetics, the groomer takes care of the grooming of pets and in particular of the dog even if more and more cats pass the threshold of his grooming salon.

To exercise this profession, a great deal of theoretical knowledge in animal biology, dog science, management as well as in commercial relations and accountancy are essential and complement one’s technical and aesthetic capacities in canine maintenance.

Mowing, bathing, waxing, brushing, cutting constitute the majority of his working time, whether for the routine hygiene of the animal or for his participation in various beauty contests. For this last mission, the groomer must be able to highlight the morphological qualities specific to each breed of dog and cat and to mask the faults of the animal he is caring for.

To beautify and clean the animal, the groomer handles many products (shampoos, anti-flea treatments, etc.) and tools (nail clippers, curry-combs, etc.) that he must maintain carefully.

But the job of a groomer is not just about being around animals. You have to welcome customers, prepare files, manage the show schedule and sell products.

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Indeed, the activity of grooming alone being quite unprofitable, groomers increase their income as well.

The groomer is not a veterinarian and therefore cannot treat the animals he receives, but he can work in collaboration with the latter.

Skills needed to become a dog groomer


Not all animals are comfortable with the groomer. Some may experience the session as a real ordeal, making them anxious or even aggressive. A good groomer will know how to act calmly, gently and with patience.

Good physical shape

The job requires static work standing and being able to lift animals of a certain size.

Perfect knowledge of breeds

It is compulsory to master the standards of each breed in order to be able to adapt the care according to each animal. He should also know the main health problems that he might encounter during his exercise.

Dexterity and rigor

Many grooming instruments are to be used, some of which are sharp. Great skill is therefore required. One should not injure an animal with improper use.

Commercial sense

Since the grooming part is not the most profitable, the groomer must sell products to supplement his income. He is therefore in contact not only with masters but also with customers to retain. Having a sense of contact is therefore necessary.

Training to become an animal groomer

No qualification requirement is required to become an animal groomer but training is strongly recommended in addition to registration in the Directory of Trades (if you open your own salon).

There are two possible training paths:

  • The certification of canine and feline groomer (CTM), managed by the Permanent Assembly of Chambers of Trades and Crafts (APCMA). To obtain it, it is necessary to pass an exam which is based both on continuous assessment and on final tests.
  • The BNTC (National Brevet of Canine Groomer) which is a level V certificate approved by the State. The training lasts 2 years and is aimed at young people aged 16 to 25 with a level 3. It can be carried out on a work-study basis: via apprenticeship or as a two-year qualification contract. Eight centers in France are authorized to issue this certificate, and depend on the National Union of Grooming Training Centers.
  • Grooming schools also offer professional training so that people resume their studies and change activities with the Personal Training Account (CPF).
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What is the salary of a dog groomer?

The remuneration of a dog groomer is around 1 minimum wage with no real increase throughout his career. On his own account, the salary can go up to $ 1,700 but not much more.

Where does he practice?

A groomer may work in an animal clinic, a veterinary practice, a grooming salon, or in clients’ homes.

What are the possible evolutions?

The evolutions are limited. At most, the groomer can set up on his own.

What are the trends in the dog groomer profession?

With a high number of professionals already in activity and significant start-up investments, the business does not offer great outlets. Without having a large enough clientele, many groomers also do breeding or training.

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