Definition: Digger Job Description

In full reflection for a professional reconversion, you wish to move towards the trade of earthworker? Discover it in detail: mission, training, salary, opportunities, you will know everything.

Terrassier: discover the profession

Among the many stakeholders in the construction industry, we find the profession of excavator. Its role is to develop the land supposed to accommodate the building, swimming pool, house or even the terrace. To achieve this, the digger must carry out the leveling of the ground, the leveling of surfaces, the digging of the excavations for the foundations and the trenches, the VRD (roads and various networks). If in the past the work required shovel, pickaxe and wheelbarrow, the job of digger has evolved a lot. Now a real machine operator, the digger handles earthmoving machines capable of leveling the ground to the millimeter according to geodesic coordinates. It is also a professional explosives to fragment rocks.

Qualifications required to become a digger

The sense of responsibilities

The excavator is responsible for his work and must guarantee the solidity and compliance with all the standards of his building. Only a very good organization and an awareness of one’s responsibilities can ensure the best quality.

A good physical condition

Earthmoving is a physical profession that is practiced most of the time outdoors and with painful working conditions for the body which regularly carries heavy loads.

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It is difficult to keep schedules of 35 hours to the minute because the mason may have to work away from home and at variable hours.

Have good interpersonal skills

The digger is often assisted by other building professionals during construction sites. It is therefore necessary to know how to work in a team to distribute tasks effectively and carry out the mission.

How to become a digger?

It is possible to exercise this profession without initial training but certain diplomas still facilitate hiring.

Without the bac

  • CAP builder in public works pipelines,
  • CAP constructor in civil engineering structures,
  • CAP road builder,
  • CAP machine operator: public works and quarries

With a baccalaureate level or equivalent

  • Baccalaureate in building technician, organization and realization of structural work (TEBORGO),
  • Bac pro public works,
  • BP machine operator: public works and quarries,
  • BP mason,
  • BP pool trades.

Salary: how much does a digger earn?

At the start of his career, his gross monthly salary is equal to the minimum wage, excluding bonuses.

Opportunities, evolutions

The construction sector is very dynamic and the search for skilled workers important. The young digger will therefore have no trouble finding a job.With professional experience, the digger can progress to the responsibility of a team or specialize in the operation of construction machinery, for example.

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