Definition: Early Childhood Animator Job Description

What are the missions of the Early Childhood Animator? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are given to you by this job description of Early Childhood Animator.

Early Childhood Animator profession

We meet him in the morning before school, at lunch break, after school, during school holidays… the early childhood facilitator is an essential professional for parents. Discover the profession in detail: mission, training, recruitment, retraining.

What is an Early Childhood Animator?

Among the most sought-after early childhood professions, we find the Early Childhood Animator.

Indeed, present during the extracurricular time but also to animate birthday snacks, a nursery space in a shopping center or to occupy the children during a wedding evening, the animator is responsible for both security and development. children.

Through its activities, it contributes to the education of children, helps them acquire their autonomy and participates in their emotional and intellectual development.

Missions of the Early Childhood Animator

Under the responsibility of a qualified socio-cultural facilitator or the director of the structure, the facilitator must imagine creative, fun and/or sporting activities combining play and teaching while ensuring their safety.

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It can also offer the creation of shows, host birthday parties, organize the daily life of children during stays.

Finally, he also liaises with parents in order to convey to them any difficulties encountered but also the progress made by their children.

Where does the Early Childhood Animator work?

The Early Childhood facilitator can work in various public or private structures:

  • In a crèche or in a day-care center,
  • In kindergarten, primary school
  • In a leisure center
  • In the holiday center
  • In associations
  • Youth and cultural centers (MJC)
  • Hospitals, specialized establishments for handicapped children, CMPP (medico-psycho-pedagogical centers)
  • Event company

Young animators are recruited mainly by the public service (over 50%).

Some also decide to set up on their own.

Qualifications required to become a children’s animator

Far from being easy, this job requires a lot of skills and qualities to be carried out properly.

Love children

Even if it may seem obvious, to work with this population, it is essential to like being in contact with children.


Exercising with the little ones requires patience, attention and understanding because it is not always easy to cope with the tears or anger of some. It must therefore be very gentle. Finally, empathy and a sense of contact are useful in establishing a climate of trust with parents.


As the name suggests, this professional is an animation expert. Children should therefore not be bored. We must therefore constantly stimulate them and offer them interesting activities.

Rigor and prudence

As responsible for the children, the facilitator must have the safety of the child as a priority. The priority qualities to have are therefore: rigor and prudence.

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Training to become a children’s animator

To become a children’s leader, you have 2 options:

Non-professional diplomas

  • BAFA (certificate of aptitude for the functions of animator)
  • BASE (certificate of aptitude for socio-educational animation)
  • BEATEP (state diploma in popular education technician facilitator)
  • DEFA (State diploma relating to animation functions)

Professional diplomas

  • CPJEPS AAVQ (professional certificate for youth, popular education and sport, mentioning animator of activities and daily life)
  • DUT CS (social careers), option: social and socio-cultural animation
  • CQP Extracurricular animator
  • State diploma in youth, popular education and sport specializing in socio-educational or cultural animation (DEJEPS)
  • CAP Early childhood educational support (AEPE)

Possible evolutions of the facilitator

At the end of a few years, the facilitator can take the entrance examination for the childcare auxiliary and nursing assistants, the entrance examination for the educator of young children or the ATSEM competition.

If he is not yet in possession of the BAFA, the pass will allow him to access the competitions for assistant animation of extracurricular activities or the competition for assistant territorial animation.

Salary of a children’s animator

The animator for children is often employed part-time, at the hourly minimum wage at the start of a career. Over time, his remuneration can reach an average of 2000 $ monthly.

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