Definition: Energy Renovation Project Technician Job Description

What are the missions of the energy renovation technician? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this job description of energy renovation project manager.

Work of technician-project manager in energy renovation

The challenges of new energy needs and the reduction of energy-consuming buildings open the way to new professions and among them, energy renovation project technician which has been designated as an activity of the future by France Compétences.

Whether you are retraining or looking for a promising profession, discover this profession in detail in order to check that it corresponds to your aspirations and your professional objectives.

What is a Technical Manager in Energy Renovation?

The energetic transition and environmental protection represent major challenges of our century and all activity bodies must adapt. The construction industry is no exception to the rule and to achieve this, the rehabilitation of buildings must henceforth resort to energy production techniques whose implementation does not lead to the exhaustion of the initial resource. These must therefore be associated with permanently renewable energies on a human scale, renewable energies (wind, sun, soil, biomass, hydraulics).

Within the framework of PREH plan – Home Energy Renovation Plan, the energy renovation project manager is now essential to support and guide the project manager (individual, owner, developer, community, etc.) in the definition and management of a building rehabilitation or renovation project.

The energy performance of buildings holds no secrets for this professional who primarily acts as a mediator between building professionals and clients.

Missions of the building energy renovation project manager

A professional with a wide variety of skills linked to technical and economic requirements as well as to the needs of the energy transition defined by the public authorities, he works under the responsibility of the company manager. Its priority is to combine in a global approach the different levers to reduce energy consumption while reducing CO2 emissions and optimizing the customer’s budget as much as possible.

To achieve this, his tasks are as diverse as they are fascinating:

  • Inform and advise its customers on the economic and technical interest of the improvements proposed in terms of energy renovation;
  • Carry out the study of the initial state of the building and its environment: surfaces and volumes, components of the walls and insulation, type of joinery, heating, ventilation system, domestic hot water production device, etc.
  • Carry out the feasibility study on the basis of the MOE/MOA energy renovation specifications defined;
  • Coordinate and monitor renovation work while respecting budget constraints;
  • Guide the client on the rules of use in terms of energy saving and on financial and tax assistance;
  • Support the client on administrative and financial plans.
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Where does this energy renovation expert work?

The project manager is first and foremost recruited by construction companies:

  • HVAC or building engineering companies
  • Design offices or consulting engineering firms
  • Engineering offices or fluid consulting engineers
  • HVAC engineering maintenance companies to meet the rehabilitation needs of their customers
  • Technical services of a public or private body
  • Control offices
  • Architecture firms, measurement or construction economics firms

Fieldwork, trips are frequent on the construction site to carry out surveys or site meetings. However, this professional mainly works in the offices of the company.

Depending on the company that is going to recruit him, his role can be split into two with on the one hand the support part which will rather be reserved for a business manager, a technical sales representative or an advisor, while the coordination part will rather correspond to a works foreman.

Trends in the profession

Emerging profession, it is part of the list of priority professions for 2021 drawn up by France Compétences, and totals hundreds of job offers across France. For candidates for professional retraining, this position therefore offers tremendous opportunities for rapid recruitment and social advancement.

Qualifications required to become a project manager in energy renovation

Managerial skills

The Project Manager must know how to motivate teams around a common project. He must therefore be a good manager, be a force of proposal but also be attentive to his team and to each protagonist of the project.

Responsiveness and organization

Meeting deadlines, organization, versatility and autonomy are essential skills for this professional organization.

Good technical knowledge

The function requires a good knowledge of the various trades linked to the building world, but also of old buildings and the construction techniques used, as well as the techniques used in energy renovation projects.


Among all his qualities, a good project manager must show curiosity to adapt to the various changes and developments in the sector.

Commercial fiber

He must succeed in convincing his prospects by offering a solution that meets their expectations. His relationship will be an asset with his team but also with his prospects and his customers.

Training to become a technician in building energy optimization

A recent profession, there is not yet a specific training path to exercise it.

Initial training

Access to Energy renovation advisor job can be done after following:

  • BTS “field of building or energy” or DUT civil engineering, thermal engineering and energy.
  • Training in building or construction with an option in land use planning, management of fluids, energy and the environment
  • Professional license for energy renovation
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It is possible to supplement these with training in energy diagnosis.

Continuing education and/or related professions

For candidates with at least 2 to 3 years of professional experience as a Works Supervisor for all Corps of State, for example, it is possible to progress to the profession of Energy Renovation Advisor.

Ditto for technicians or engineers specializing in energy management and project management as well as project owners and architects.

VAE can also be a solution for employees or job seekers holding a scientific baccalaureate whose professional experience would be compatible.

Finally, it is possible to pass the Title of Senior Technician in Energy Optimization of Buildings, RNCP Professional Title.

Je Change de Métier invites you to discover the following training courses

Become a project manager in energy renovation

Salary of an energy renovation technician

Depending on his experience and the company that employs him, the salary of a technician-project manager in energy renovation can vary between 40,000 to more than 60,000 $ gross/year.

Fancy a retraining as an advisor in energy renovation of the building?

Where to start your retraining?

Change profession in favor of that of building energy renovation advisor cannot be equated with an opportunity that you can seize at the “right time”. It is a project, like any other, that you must anticipate by taking the necessary time. As Arthur Ashe once said, “One of the keys to success is self-confidence. One of the keys to self-confidence is preparation”…

Wanting to train, as a prelude to your professional retraining, can be a healthy decision, especially if you do not have any of the initial training previously listed or the skills indicated above.

Training can indeed be, to a certain extent, the key to professional retraining as a technician-project manager in energy renovation but not necessarily because one thing is certain: retraining does not always rhyme with training.

It is best to take the time to prepare for your professional retraining by taking stock of your situation and your current skills. For this, calling on an expert in professional development could be an excellent prerequisite. This will expose your strengths and weaknesses in knowledge and skills, and therefore your actual (personalized) training needs, including the training organization that will meet those needs as precisely as possible.

How to finance your retraining?

There are different mechanisms to finance all or part of your retraining.

Employees on permanent, fixed-term or temporary contracts

  • Personal training account (CPF)
  • Professional transition CPF
  • Skills development plan
  • Promotion by work-study program Pro-A


  • Personal training account (CPF)
  • Individual Training Aid (AIF)
  • Professional contract

Temp worker

  • Personal training account (CPF)
  • Professional transition CPF
  • Professional contract
  • FAFTT (Temporary Work Training Insurance Fund)


  • Personal training account (CPF)
  • FAF (training insurance fund)
  • Tax credit for the training of business leaders


  • Personal training account (CPF)
  • Vocational training leave (CFP)

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