Definition: Holiday Animator Job Description

What are the missions of the Holiday Leader? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this job description of Vacation Leader.

Holiday club leader profession

Amuse and entertain holidaymakers of all ages by organizing games and adapted activities, this is the mission of the holiday leader. Discover this profession in detail.

What is a vacation leader?

Aquagym, pétanque tournaments, discovery of the city, various excursions, dance competitions, children’s shows… these teasers made us dream in Les Bronzés and triggered a large number of vocations for the profession of animator of holidays.

For a club, the satisfaction of vacationers is a priority. For this, they recruit animation professionals available at any time for their customers and able to set the mood, supervise activities, accompany customers on outings, host aperitif games or swing on the dancefloor…

Always with a smile on his face and a good mood displayed, theholiday club leader can work in a holiday village, hotel club, green resort, leisure park, all year round and in France or abroad. Missions generally last from 3 to 8 months.

The days of a holiday leader are busy since he gets up early to prepare for activities and is active tirelessly throughout them until sometimes late at night.

Multitasking, he can switch from one activity to another while passing through the position of bartender or receptionist.

Obviously, this professional is often bilingual to respond to foreign customers.

Missions of the holiday leader

  • Reception of holidaymakers;
  • Design of the program of activities;
  • Preparation of material and animation space;
  • Assessment of the animation project and suggestion of development axes;
  • Implementation of communication actions;
  • Setting up events, negotiating prices…;
  • Accompaniment of groups during guided tours;
  • Creation or participation in the development of animation programs;
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Qualities to become a holiday leader

Permanently on the war footing, the job as a holiday club leader requires above all a good resistance and an excellent physical condition.

Obviously, to relax customers and make them forget their daily lives, they must also demonstrate dynamism and versatility, but above all, be sociable and creative, have a good sense of organization and keep a smile in all circumstances.

Finally, he must have a perfect command of foreign languages.

Training to become a holiday leader

Initial training

No specific training is required to exercise this profession. However, proper training increases the chances of getting the job.

Non-professional diplomas

Non-professional entertainment patents: BAFA (Certificate of aptitude for the functions of facilitator) and BAFD (Certificate of aptitude for the functions of Director). These diplomas allow you to work during the school holidays and thus to have a first experience in the animation sector.

Diplomas to work in professional animation

  • BAPAAT (certificate of professional aptitude of assistant technician) which is prepared in 2 years and gives the CAP level. It allows you to animate and supervise sports events.
  • BPJEPS (Professional Certificate of Youth, Popular Education and Sport). To register, no diploma is required and the training is recognized at the graduate level. This diploma offers many specializations: leisure for all ages, physical activities for all, team sports activities, etc.
  • DEJEPS (State Diploma of Youth, Popular Education and Sport) To register, you must be at least 18 years old. No prerequisite for a diploma is required but the AFPS (Attestation de Formation aux First Aid) or the PSC1 (Prevention of Civic Rescue level 1) is necessary to register for the training. The training is recognized at the licence level. This diploma offers many specializations.
  • DESJEPS (Higher State Diploma of Youth, Popular Education and Sport) Recognized at the master level, it allows its holder to exercise a professional activity of technical expertise and management for educational purposes in the fields of ‘physical, sporting, socio-educational or cultural activities. DESJEPS training is open to anyone aged at least 18 years old. No prerequisite for a diploma is required but the AFPS (Attestation de Formation aux First Aid) or the PSC1 (Prevention of Civic Rescue level 1) is necessary to register for the training.
  • DUT Social Careers option sociocultural animation (Licence). This university diploma in technology can lead to the DEJEPS (State diploma relating to animation functions), to professional licenses (activities in animation and social and cultural development, etc.) or even to masters in science and social work or local development techniques.
  • STEPS (Sciences and techniques of physical and sporting activities – Bachelors and Masters, level master to doctorate).
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Continuing education

For those who wish to reorient themselves towards job as a holiday club leader, the above diplomas are accessible via continuing education but also the CQP, leisure sports activity leader.

Salary of a Holiday Club Leader

L’holiday leader receives an average salary close to the minimum wage. However, he is fed, housed and laundered.

Opportunities and evolutions of the holiday leader

Holiday club leader is rarely a profession where one makes a career because the turnover is very important. Nevertheless, some choose to make a career there anyway. With experience, animators can therefore become activity managers, or even leader animators. With specific training, he will also be able to take over the management of a club.

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