Definition: Industrial Maintenance Technician Job Description

What are the missions of the Industrial Maintenance Technician? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this industrial maintenance technician job sheet.

Industrial maintenance technician profession

Guarantor of the good working order of the various devices and tools of a company, the role of the industrial maintenance technician is essential. Discover the profession in detail: mission, training, recruitment, retraining.

What is an industrial maintenance technician?

In industry, the slightest breakdown on a machine can be catastrophic for production because it impacts the entire manufacturing process. By adjusting and monitoring the proper functioning of machines and therefore avoiding such situations, the maintenance technician is essential for any industrial company.

In the event that a failure appears all the same, the professional intervenes immediately to detect the problem and repair it (as far as possible).

Finally, the maintenance technician may have to optimize the performance of the machines because making the equipment more reliable and improving represents a saving of time and costs for the company.

His range of skills must be wide.

Missions of the maintenance technician

  • Verification of the good working condition of equipment (robots, planes, tractors, cars, etc.) thanks to a strong observation and test work to prevent possible problems;
  • Equipment maintenance;
  • Repair of malfunctions, whatever their nature.
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Where does the maintenance technician work?

Mechanical construction, food processing, chemicals, electricity-electronics or transport, the versatility of the maintenance technician makes him a professional who can intervene in a large number of sectors, especially since the production process depends on his know-how.

It is also possible to apply in service companies specializing in mechanical maintenance.

Trends in the profession

This technical profession is essential for industrial companies and there is no lack of opportunities, making this profession an opportunity for retraining profiles. Every year, no less than 10,000 people are sought after in industries.

Qualifications required to become an industrial maintenance technician

Guarantor of the proper functioning of the tools and machines of a production line, this profession requires great rigor, a good analytical mind and methodology. Obliged to produce numerous reports, this professional must have good writing skills.

As control techniques and technologies are constantly evolving, the business requires constantly keeping abreast of various developments.

A strong autonomy and initiative are required as well as reactivity when an incident occurs.

The technician does not work alone and is in great demand. He must therefore have a team spirit and know how to be patient and diplomatic.

Exercising this job requires knowing how to manage stress and manage to work in conditions that are not always obvious: temperature, noise, dirt, etc.

Training to become a maintenance technician

To become a maintenance technician, several solutions are available to you, accessible both within the framework of initial training and that of continuing training, allowing easy professional retraining.

Initial training

Baccalaureate standard

  • Professional baccalaureate in industrial equipment maintenance. This professional graduate is prepared in three after the third class. Students holding certain CAPs in the same sector can also prepare for it in 2 years under certain conditions.
  • Professional baccalaureate in electricity and its connected environments. This professional graduate is prepared in three after the third class. Students holding certain CAPs in the same sector can also prepare for it in 2 years under certain conditions.
  • Additional mention (MC) maintenance of oleohydraulic and pneumatic installations in 1 year after the professional bac
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Licence level

  • BTS systems maintenance option production systems
  • BTS electrical engineering
  • DUT industrial engineering and maintenance

Master level

  • Maintenance license for industrial automation and instrumentation,
  • Industrial systems maintenance license
  • License to operate nuclear installations

Continuing education

As part of a professional reorientation, it is possible to become an industrial maintenance technician through continuing training by preparing:

  • The professional title (TP) industrial maintenance electromechanic
  • The professional title (TP) industrial maintenance technician
  • CQP maintenance technician in the food sector,
  • CQP operator of industrial maintenance of chemical industries

As part of a career development, the professional branch of metallurgy has set up several joint certifications (CQPM), including the CQPM technician in industrial maintenance.

Possible evolutions of the industrial maintenance technician

Versatility and experience accelerate professional development. After several years of experience, this professional can move on to other trades such as quality control and obtain a position of higher responsibility, such as that of team leader or maintenance manager.

Maintenance technician salary

Depending on his place of practice, the salary of the maintenance technician will be different and like all the professions sought, the salaries can change very quickly.

On average, the beginner can expect to receive around $ 1,650/month. Over time, compensation can exceed $ 2,300 per month.

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