Definition: Network Administrator Job Description

What are the missions of the Network administrator? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this Network administrator job file.

Network administrator profession

With the development of IT, companies more and more often have a network that links all the machines in their IT park that need to be maintained. Discover this key profession that isnetwork administrator : mission, training, retraining.

What is a Network administrator?

Also called network manager, network manager or network manager, this professional ensures the proper functioning of a company’s servers and computer network on a daily basis, thanks to which their various sites or offices exchange information, but not only. Indeed, upstream and hand in hand with the network architect, he receives, installs software, updates systems, sets up wi-fi routers, provides advice to system users, supervises IT service providers, etc.

It must also anticipate technological developments to keep hardware and software up to date.

Network administrator missions

The duties vary depending on the size of the company that employs him. However, we can summarize its main missions as below

  • Analysis of the production of IT and network resources.
  • Optimization of infrastructure performance.
  • Network installation and configuration.
  • Implementation of procedural automations.
  • Monitoring of correct operation.
  • Administer IT resources and networks (users, quality of service, site security, etc.)
  • Manage supplier contracts and service contracts with users
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Where does the network administrator work?

The network administrator can work in all structures with a relatively demanding computer network. This includes companies, government structures, large associations.

But he can also be recruited by specialized companies acting on behalf of clients.

Trends in the profession

The generalization of computer networks, even in smaller companies, suggests that the profession of network administrator has a future.

Qualifications required to become a network administrator

A graduate computer scientist, gifted with good technical skills, IT holds no secrets for him and his curiosity allows him to keep up to date with the latest advances and to adapt to the rapid evolution of machines and software.

Meticulous and methodical, he knows how to work independently as well as within a team.

With great composure, he knows how to intervene in an emergency and without losing his composure in the face of problems encountered.

Training to become a network administrator

For become a network administrator, there are many avenues available to candidates who are accessible both in initial and in-service training, thus allowing relatively easy retraining in this profession.

Initial training

Licence level

  • BTS IT services to organizations option A infrastructure solutions, systems and networks,
  • BTS Digital systems option A computing and networks,
  • DUT Networks and Telecommunications,

Master level

  • Professional license Computer skills: information systems and database management
  • Professional license Computer skills: administration and security of systems and networks

Doctorate level

  • Master BD IA (database and artificial intelligence)
  • Master MIAGE (IT methods applied to business management)
  • Engineering school diploma

Continuing education

As part of a professional reorientation, it is possible to become a network administrator:

  • CQP corporate network administrator
  • Professional title of higher technician in computer networks and telecommunications
  • Short training courses initiating computer programming or networks
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Possible developments of the network administrator

With experience, this professional is entrusted with increasingly complex missions allowing him after a few years to claim the post of telecommunications manager, or even network architect. The most experienced and the most qualified can even achieve the status of executive or engineer.

Finally, he can decide to leave the salaried position to become a consultant.

Salary of a network administrator

The remuneration of a network administrator is very attractive from the start of his career. Thus, a beginner will receive between 2000 $ and 3500 $. With experience, this remuneration can climb to 6000 $ monthly.

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