Definition: Prevention And Mediation Officer Job Description

What are the missions of the Prevention and Mediation Officer? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this mediator job description.

Occupation of prevention and mediation agent (APM)

Field profession acting at the level of prevention or mediation for the resolution of conflicts, the prevention and mediation agent facilitates and regulates the links between people in public spaces. Discover this profession in detail to check if it corresponds to your aspirations and your retraining objectives.

What is a prevention and mediation agent?

Also appointed mediator or conviviality agent, this professional contributes, through his active proximity presence in the field, to the prevention of conflicts and acts of incivility by renewing dialogues and finding solutions to conflicts. He therefore acts in a preventive manner when a conflict breaks out in a public place and contributes to its resolution through discussion. He therefore exercises a triple active watch: technical (breakdowns, degradations…), behavioral (non-compliance with the rules, aggressiveness…) and social (isolation, distress…)

Missions of the social mediator

  • Proximity presence in order to create social links. To do this, he goes out to meet the inhabitants, in particular the most fragile or isolated,
  • Awareness: dissemination of information and prevention,
  • Conflict prevention and management: he/she intervenes in order to defuse any risk of tension or in the resolution of conflicting situations (intermediation between the conflicting parties, organization of meetings, etc.),
  • Information: it provides information and helps people according to their needs and helps users with the services of target audiences, social workers, public services and institutional actors (CAF, Pôle Emploi for example),
  • Public meeting: it organizes meetings with residents and institutions to promote dialogue and exchange,
  • Cultural intermediation: it helps people to adapt to their societal environment.
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Where does the prevention and mediation officer work?

Professional in the field, he carries out his missions outdoors, sometimes in sensitive places or transport, sometimes at night or on weekends. He can work in a team or alone.

The mediator can be recruited by private companies such as prevention or public associations such as the National Education, the Gendarmerie or the National Police.

Trends in the profession

It is not too difficult to find a job as a social mediator.

Qualifications required to become a prevention and mediation agent (APM)

To practice the profession of prevention and mediation agent (APM), a large number of qualities are important, the most important of which remain the following:

Show patience and empathy

In daily contact with many interlocutors, sometimes in conflict situations, the mediation officer must demonstrate calm, impartiality, listening, patience and empathy.

Want to help your neighbor

The job of prevention and mediation agent requires wanting to support and help people. Sometimes intervening in conflictual situations, the mediation officer must know how to remain calm in order to ease tensions.

Have good interpersonal skills

Preventing and easing tensions in different contexts and spaces requires good interpersonal skills to be able to easily meet people.

Training to become a social mediator

To become a prevention and mediation agent, a minimum CAP level is required.

Several solutions are available to you, accessible both in the context of initial training and in that of continuing training, allowing easy professional retraining as a mediator.

Initial training

CAP level

  • CAP prevention and mediation agent.
  • CAP APS – security guard.
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Baccalaureate standard

  • Professional baccalaureate in local services and local life.
  • Professional baccalaureate in security.

To practice within the public service, competitions are possible including that of territorial coordinator. To qualify, you must have one of the following approved baccalaureate-level diplomas:

  • DEJEPS specializing in socio-educational or cultural activities.
  • DUT social careers, option social and socio-cultural animation.

Continuing education

As part of a professional development or reorientation, it is possible to become a social mediator through adult training by preparing most of the diplomas mentioned above. Continuing education offers professionals who have already graduated specializations such as the professional title of mediation agent, information, services or the DU conflict management and resolution.

Possible evolutions of the prevention and mediation agent (APM)

This professional can choose to progress to various other professions such as coordinator of mediation teams or trainer of social mediators. The prevention and mediation officer can also work in the services that employ him: National education, gendarmerie, national police by taking exams C or B.

Salary of a prevention and mediation officer (APM)

The salary of a beginner APM varies between the minimum wage and $ 1,600 gross per month.

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