Definition: Real Estate Agent Job Description

What are the missions of a real estate agent? What training courses to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this real estate agent job sheet.

Real estate agent profession

Specializing in the sale, purchase or rental of real estate, the real estate agent is above all a commercial at heart. As real estate remains a recruiting sector, the profession is accessible to many people undergoing professional retraining. Find out more about this profession: mission, salary, possible training, retraining.

What is a real estate agent?

The real estate agent is in charge of selling or renting goods entrusted to him by their owners. Its missions are numerous as well as the knowledge to be possessed. Exercising this profession cannot therefore be improvised.

As a professional intermediary in real estate transactions, he has to sell or rent all types of real estate: pavilions, houses, apartments, buildings, premises for commercial use… He must hold a professional card issued by the prefecture and renewable every ten years as well as professional liability insurance to cover any damage.

As an intermediary in real estate transactions, it is he who ensures the visit and the evaluation of the real estate that he then puts on the market, by means of an advertisement disseminated within his agency, on the Internet, or in the newspapers.

He manages sales or rental contracts, thanks to his legal skills and takes care of finding a buyer or a tenant with all the financial guarantees.

Once the contract is signed, the real estate agent guides new buyers in the administrative and/or financial procedures. He is also responsible for providing information on delicate points such as credit formulas, the time limits for obtaining their loan, etc.

The missions of a real estate agent

Real intermediary between a seller and a buyer or between a lessor and a person looking for a rental, the real estate agent performs a large number of missions, namely:

  • Search for real estate (apartments, houses, shops, offices, etc.) for sale or for rent
  • Signing of a mandate with the owner
  • Definition with the owner of the sale or rental price
  • Highlighting of real estate available in branch and on the Internet
  • Presentation and visit of the property to the purchaser or to the person wishing to rent the accommodation
  • Collection of offers to purchase or files presented by rental applicants
  • Presentation of purchase offers or tenant files to the owner
  • Support for both parties in signing the sales agreement or the lease
  • Handing over the keys to the new owner or tenant
  • Drafting of certain legal acts in the context of a sale or rental

Qualifications required to become a real estate agent

To become a real estate agent, several qualities are required:

  • Have a taste for human contact
  • Have the soul of a salesperson and the spirit of persuasion
  • Demonstrate organization and rigor
  • Be mobile
  • Have a good knowledge of the real estate sector and its legislation

Training to become a real estate agent

To train, future real estate agents can follow several training courses. The majority of them come from a BTS or a DEUST Real Estate Professions (Licence).

Initial training

Licence level courses

Taught by higher education schools in real estate, business schools and management schools such as:

  • BTS Negotiation and Customer Relations
  • Higher School of Real Estate Professions (ESPI)
  • Higher National Institute of Real Estate (INSI)
  • Graduate School of Real Estate (ESI)
  • Institute of Real Estate Services Management (Imsi)
  • French school of property administration (Efab, for the title of real estate negotiator).

Courses from master to doctorate

For those who wish to specialize in a legal, commercial or economic course, the pursuit of studies is possible:

  • Business school
  • Bachelor Real Estate
  • Professional License Real Estate Law
  • Master Real Estate
  • Master in Wealth Management

Continuing education

As part of a professional development or reorientation, it is possible to become a real estate agent through continuing education.

Indeed, the profession of real estate agent can be exercised without a diploma thanks to professional training intended for people already in the working life in professional reconversion or seeking to specialize or with an employee experience in a real estate agency of at least ten years for people without a baccalaureate, or at least three years for a bachelor.

Since 2016, each real estate agent is required to undergo continuous training of 14 hours per year or 42 hours during three consecutive years of practice. The objective is to update and improve the knowledge and skills necessary for the exercise of the profession of real estate agent.

Je Change de Métier offers you the following training courses

BTS Real Estate Professions

Salary of a real estate agent

The real estate agent’s salary depends on his status, his experience and his network. The real estate agent is an independent even if we often group together under this term different statuses and commercial functions: negotiators, independent agents and commercial agents.

The independent real estate agent therefore does not receive a fixed salary, but generally receives a commission on the sales that he organizes. He will receive a souvenet commission of between 70 and 80% of the fees received by the agency, themselves generally between 3 and 6% of the sale price.

Opportunities and evolutions of the real estate agent

The real estate agent profession is practiced almost exclusively in franchised or independent real estate agency.

A novice agent will generally begin his career as an employee where he will be in charge of rental and canvassing goods. Subsequently, he can become a real estate negotiator and manage more or less important sales.

Finally, he can become an agency director or even create his own business.

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