Definition: Receptionist in a Bank Branch Job Description

What are the missions of a banking receptionist? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are given to you by this job description of Receptionist in bank.

Job of receptionist in a bank branch

Faced with massive prospects for retirements, the banking sector has recruited a lot in recent years and the bank receptionist is one of the professionals sought.

Also called bank teller, bank customer assistant, bank reception advisor, the bank reception manager is an essential professional, in banking establishments, which has seen its missions evolved with the automation of counters and the use of the internet.

Find out more about the job: mission, salary, possible training, retraining.

What is a reception agent in a bank?

Faced with massive prospects for retirements, the banking sector has recruited a lot in recent years and the bank receptionist is one of the professionals sought.

First person met by customers arriving at a bank branch, the reception agent is responsible for receiving them, guiding them in their procedures and carrying out all of the current counter operations: cash withdrawals, transfers, check deposit, opening or transferring accounts, issuing a bank card…

His role being above all administrative, the bank reception advisor also sells common products and services such as savings solutions or payment cards. He answers phone calls from clients, directing them to colleagues or recording appointments. Selling and buying foreign currencies or recording purchase orders on the stock market are also part of his daily life.

In general, this position serves as a springboard for future internal development to become an account manager.

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Small bank branch or large branch, in the heart of a business district, receptionists easily find their place.

The missions of a banking receptionist

  • Welcomes customers
  • Make customers aware of the use of machines and remote services
  • Take care of day-to-day banking operations: transfer, order and delivery of bank cards and checkbooks…
  • Take care of stock market and foreign exchange transactions depending on the type of establishment in which he works
  • Advises clients
  • Presents and sells banking products and services
  • Can take care of telephone prospecting
  • Fixes interviews with account managers

Qualifications required to become a reception agent in a bank

Be welcoming

First image of the establishment transmitted to the public, the reception agent in a bank branch must be welcoming, friendly and polite but also have an irreproachable presentation and know how to express himself properly.

Commercial fiber

He must succeed in convincing prospects by offering the solutions that correspond to them. His relationship will be an asset with his colleagues but also with his prospects and customers.

Versatility and organization

Organization, versatility and autonomy are essential skills for this professional because the reception advisor deals with very diverse operations and requests and works with many and varied interlocutors.

The meaning of relational

On the front line to collect customer complaints, he knows how to demonstrate diplomacy, discretion, availability and a great sense of listening while knowing how to be firm and vigilant.

Training courses to become a bank reception advisor

Initial training

The profession can be integrated from the baccalaureate but the most classic way to exercise this profession is to hold a BTS bank, customer advisor, a DUT in Marketing techniques, a DEUST Bank, financial and provident organizations or a BTS insurance (Licence).

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To complete this training, it is possible to follow a one-year training course in order to obtain a Complementary Mention in Financial Services or a professional certificate (BP) Banking.

Continuing education

The job of bank reception advisor is also accessible through continuing education for adults, such as the certification of Banking Customer Reception Manager or the CQP Service Offer Advisor, issued by the Union of National Social Security Funds. for example.

Salary of a bank receptionist

A bank receptionist generally starts at the minimum wage but this amount varies according to his company and his level of qualification. The overall range is between $ 1,700 and $ 4,000 gross.

Possible developments of a bank receptionist

One of the great advantages of the banking industry is the speed of career development. Thus, the reception manager can become account manager after a period of 1 to 5 years at the counter. Subsequently, he can progress to the positions of professional or business advisers, then deputy branch manager to end up as branch manager. Throughout these promotions, new training will be offered.

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