Definition: Security Agent Job Description

What are the missions of the Security Guard? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this job security agent sheet.

Security guard profession

Also named prevention or safety officer, the security guard profession brings together various activities such as guard, roundman, store supervisor and many specialties such as dog breeding, fire protection or remote surveillance. Discover the job of security guard : mission, training, salary, opportunities, you will know everything.

What is a security guard?

L’security agent has a preventive and dissuasive role above all. It controls the entrances and exits of establishments, protects property by preventing any malicious acts and monitors the sectors under its responsibility.

His working conditions vary according to his sector of intervention:

Fire safety officer

Security agent specializing in fire prevention, he works in places open to the public and subject to important safety regulations.

Its missions: rounds of checking the proper functioning of fire alarm systems and/or emergency equipment, listing of. equipment malfunctions, securing the premises if necessary and guiding rescue teams.

The roundman

Security guard specializing in problem detection possible, he works mainly on industrial sites.

Its missions: to monitor the strategic places of the risk of sabotage, theft or fire, to ensure the proper functioning of the machines.

The operator in remote monitoring

Security guard specializing in surveillance, he ensures the smooth flow of information and the proper application of instructions.

The security dog ​​officer

Security guard specializing in surveillance accompanied by a dog. The latter has above all a dissuasive role.

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The store inspector

Security agent employed directly by shopping centers or shops, he is responsible for preventing theft, attacks and malicious acts.

Its missions: welcome customers, make rounds in the store, arrest people, control surveillance cameras.

Qualifications required to become a security guard

This profession requires a very good physical condition but not only.

Patience, sense of observation, composure, sense of responsibility, autonomy and editorial quality (for the number of reports to be written) are all qualities to be possessed in order to exercise the profession of security guard.

The selection to obtain the professional card and become a private security agent is severe, since only 40% of candidates obtain the card, which is compulsory to exercise the profession in the private sector.

Training to become a security guard

Accessible without a diploma, become a security guard However, you must be of legal age, have a clean criminal record and be in possession of a compulsory professional card issued by the prefect and valid for 5 years (and which is obtained at least for holders of a Professional Qualification Certificate).

Several solutions are available to you, accessible both within the framework of initial training and that of continuing training, allowing easy professional retraining as a security guard.

Initial training

CAP level

  • CAP security officer. Accessible from the 3rd, it is prepared in two years and prepares to prevent certain reprehensible acts such as theft, break-in or damage. The holder of the CAP Security Agent will also be able to present the CAP Agent verifier of extinguishing devices in one year because of the associated knowledge.
  • CAP agent verifier of fire extinguishers. Accessible from the 3rd grade, it can be prepared in two years and provides advice on the purchase, installation and use of fire extinguishers. The holder of the CAP Agent verifier of extinguishing devices will also be able to present the CAP Security Agent in one year because of the associated knowledge.
  • MC safety of spaces open to the public. Accessible after a CAP, it is prepared in 1 year.

Baccalaureate standard

  • BP technical agent for prevention and safety. Accessible after a CAP, it takes two years to prepare and trains both in risk prevention and in disaster response.
  • Professional baccalaureate in security professions. It is prepared in two years after a CAP or 3 years after the 3rd and prepares for the exercise of the various professions of security, safety and public order, protection of people, property and the environment.
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Licence level

  • DUT hygiene safety environment. Accessible after a Graduate, it takes two years to prepare and trains in risk management, health and safety at work as well as environmental protection, within companies and administrations.

Master level

  • Professional license in security of goods and people. Accessible after a Licence, it is prepared in 1 year.

NB The training of lifeguard first aid at work (SST) or first aid (PSC1) are highly appreciated by employers.

Continuing education

As part of a professional development or reorientation, it is possible to become a security guard through continuing education by preparing most of the diplomas mentioned above but also the CQP – Professional Qualification Certificate as a prevention and security agent (CAP level) issued by the Professional Security Prevention Branch or the Professional Security and Private Security Agent Title (Pro A2SP Title ).

Training courses such as SSIAP1 (Fire Safety and Personal Assistance Service), SST (Rescuer-Rescuer at Work) or HOBO (Electrical Habilitation) are additional certificates that allow you to have a better chance of finding a job..

Salary of a security guard

The average salary of a security guard beginner ranges from 1,480 to 1,600 $ gross. It depends on the level of training, his experience and the responsibilities of the position.

Opportunities: where to work?

A security agent can exercise his profession in many places either in a private security company, or by being directly employed by a company.

In particular, he can practice in the following structures:

  • Malls
  • Medical establishment
  • Shelter
  • Recreation Park
  • Port
  • Airport
  • Bank
  • Auditorium
  • Museums

Trends in the profession

There are more and more recruitments because the needs are great, whether for positions in the field or for management positions.

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