Definition: Security Assistant Job Description

What are the missions of a Security Assistant? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this Security Assistant job sheet.

ADS Security Assistant job

Coming in support of the police, the security assistants (ADS) of the national police ensure the maintenance of the security of persons and goods. Find out all the information you need to become an ADS.

What is a security assistant?

The security assistant (ADS) is a contractual agent of the national police. Recruited at the departmental level by the national police, the security assistant’s mission is to strengthen the action of the police by helping to protect people and property. Under the authority of the Ministry of the Interior, its missions are of a very diverse nature and are carried out as a team.

As a sworn professional, the ADS wears a uniform and has a professional card. It must ensure security and prevent delinquency. The ADS may be required to carry a weapon depending on the service to which he is assigned.

Missions of the security assistant

Its mission is divided into 3 categories:

Police assistance

ADS acts under the authority of a police officer and reinforces their actions.

As an assistant to the peacekeeper, his judicial power is very limited and consists of:

  • Enter minutes (PV)
  • Note the offenses and immediately notify the competent authorities
  • Immobilize a vehicle whose passengers seem suspicious (drunkenness, drugs, etc.)
  • Verbalize minor infractions (inconvenient parking, for example)
  • Draw up contraventions of the first four classes (ranging from libel to light or heavy violence against a human being or an animal)
  • Road safety
  • Respect for the environment and public hygiene
  • Surveillance activities
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Assistance to the population

  • Neighborhood watch
  • Public information and guidance
  • Supports victims in their administrative procedures
  • Facilitate the integration of foreigners
  • Enforce the rules of civility by noting conflicts between users, noting violations or reporting assaults
  • In the vicinity of schools, he ensures that pedestrians are safe by ensuring that traffic is obeyed.

Public information

In a police station, the security assistant acts as the first contact and is responsible for welcoming and informing the population. He can also help with administrative procedures and redirect victims to mutual aid or support associations.

Qualifications required to become a Security Assistant

To become a security assistant, a number of skills and qualities are required:

  • Field work, you need to be in very good physical shape
  • You have to be very disciplined, love order and know how to respect hierarchy.
  • The sense of duty, probity and righteousness are his spearheads.
  • Profession in the service of the security of the populations and the country, It is necessary to be available any day at any time, even at night.
  • A job that is exposed to difficult situations, you have to show good mental strength and have a good balance.

Training to become a Security Assistant

To apply, no qualification requirement is not required.

The assistants are recruited by the national police through selection tests which may look like a competition but are not. This is a selection on file. It is only necessary to withdraw and then drop off your file at the nearest police station.

To be a candidate, you must:

  • Be of French nationality,
  • Be between 18 and 30 years old,
  • Be of good character, bulletin n ° 2 of the clean criminal record,
  • Be registered and have completed the JDC (defense and citizenship day).
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Once selected, a 12-week general training course in a police academy and a 2-week site adaptation course are planned. A certificate of general aptitude for employment is issued at the end of the initial training period.

On leaving training, the security assistant obtains a 3-year contract, renewable once.

Salary of a Security Assistant

At the start of their career, ADS earns around the minimum wage. But his remuneration can increase thanks to bonuses.

Opportunities and developments

During the three-year contract, ADS benefits from a free training in order to prepare the national police competitions. After one year of service, he may in particular take the competitive examination policeman.

He is also allowed to perform a validation of professional experience through a diploma entitled “Safety of spaces open to the public”, which gives him the CAP level.

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