Definition: Service Agent Job Description

What are the tasks of the maintenance agent? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? Discover this profession in detail: missions, training, salary.

Maintenance agent profession

Intervening in many structures, the maintenance agent contributes to maintaining the cleanliness as well as the functioning of the premises and the installations for which he is responsible.

A profession accessible without a diploma, it is ideal for a professional retraining provided that certain skills are acquired. Want to know more ? Follow the leader.

What is a maintenance agent?

Also referred to as a cleanliness and hygiene officer, room cleaner, housekeeper or surface technician, a maintenance worker is responsible for performing routine cleaning and maintenance activities while respecting the rules of hygiene and safety.

It can intervene in a wide variety of places: offices, industrial premises, shopping centers, supermarkets, public spaces, means of transport, etc.

Depending on the place of intervention, he uses machines (shampooers, monobrushes, scrubbers, etc.), various cleaning materials and products, which differ from those used for domestic cleaning.

Maintenance agents are mainly employed by cleaning companies but can also work for associations, local authorities (town hall, urban community, etc.), public establishments or residences for the elderly, etc.

The missions of a cleaning and hygiene agent

Most of the time, the housekeeper carries out the tasks defined by his employer, in specifications.

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They can be the following:

  • Ensure the cleaning and maintenance of the premises, using the products and equipment made available, while respecting the rules of hygiene and safety
    • Dust off the furniture
    • To vacuum
    • Wash floors
    • Wash the windows
    • Empty the trash
    • Ventilate the premises
    • Clean private outdoor spaces
    • Maintain specific surfaces (marble, wood, plastic, etc.) with suitable cleaning products
  • Disinfect premises in sensitive areas
  • Maintain equipment dedicated to cleanliness (high pressure washer, waxing machine, shampooer, scrubber, etc.)
  • Carry out minor maintenance on certain equipment
  • Manage stocks and place orders for maintenance products
  • Inform the employer of any dysfunctions or anomalies
  • Complete the follow-up materials

Skills of a maintenance worker


The profession requires discretion and respect for professional secrecy, especially when cleaning operations are carried out in offices.


A surface technician must have a sense of organization and be able to apply a certain work methodology to the letter.

Speed ​​and quality of execution

This maintenance professional often has very little time to intervene. Despite everything, his work must be flawless: no trace of dust or dirt should remain after his passage.

Good physical resistance

Due to the speed of execution of maintenance missions, standing work and interventions in staggered hours (often very early in the morning, late in the evening or at night), a maintenance agent must be in good physical condition.

Compliance with health and safety rules

As this profession requires the handling of machines and sometimes dangerous cleaning products, it is essential to respect specific safety and hygiene rules.

Rigor and thoroughness

Employers are looking for meticulous and careful staff.

During cleaning, the professional must take care not to damage any furniture, equipment and support.

Training to become a maintenance agent

This profession is accessible without a specific diploma. Nevertheless, to facilitate recruitment or accelerate professional development once in post, having a diploma can be an asset.

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Initial training

CAP APH – cleaning and hygiene agent

This diploma is prepared in 2 years after the 3rd class.

Professional Graduate HPS – hygiene, cleanliness, sterilization

This diploma is prepared in 3 years after the 3rd, or in 2 years after a CAP in the sector. It provides access to more specialized jobs or positions of responsibility.

Passing a competitive examination (category C) is compulsory to join the local civil service as a grade 2 maintenance agent.

Continuing education

Candidates wishing to convert to the profession of maintenance agent can prepare for the professional title of cleaning and hygiene agent.

The many other professional qualification certificates in the sector as well as professional diplomas in the field of cleaning (CAP cleaning and hygiene agent or graduate pro HPS) are also accessible through continuing education for adults.

In order to acquire new skills or to evolve in their profession, working professionals can prepare the professional qualification certificate for maintenance agent or cleaning team leader.

Possible evolutions of the cleaning agent

After several years of experience as a maintenance agent, you can progress to the profession of team leader, site manager, or even maintenance agent.

You can also choose to specialize in cleaning sensitive sites (hospital, operating theaters, pharmaceutical laboratory, etc.).

Salary of a maintenance worker

A novice maintenance worker is generally paid at the minimum wage. An additional wage is foreseen when the work is done at night (between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.).

Trends in the maintenance worker profession

Given that more and more companies are outsourcing the cleaning of their premises to specialized companies, there is a growing need for cleaning agents.

As the level of qualification required gradually increases to meet current standards in terms of safety and hygiene, it is best to consider training that will offer you many professional opportunities.

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