Definition: Traffic Manager Job Description

What are the missions of the traffic manager? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this traffic manager job sheet.

Traffic manager job

The increasing importance of the visibility of companies on the web has led to the emergence of new professions in recent years such as that of Traffic Manager. Find out in detail what this promising profession consists of.

What is a traffic manager?

The answer may seem obvious after all: it is the manager of the traffic of websites.

Expert in web and web marketing, his mission is to generate traffic on a company’s website, to set up the online campaigns necessary to achieve this objective but also to optimize them in order to ” get the best return on investment.

Missions of the traffic manager

The missions of Traffic Manager vary according to the size of the company and the specificities of the activity, but in all cases, in order to offer the best possible promotion to his client or his company, the traffic manager must perfectly master his market and his competition.

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It sets up all the levers of marketing and natural or paid referencing (SEO, SEM) to generate qualified traffic on a website.

He knows how to be proactive in the choice of media and investments, and above all, perfectly masters the use of dashboards and web analysis tools to prove the relevance of his actions or the quality of the traffic obtained.

The traffic manager He also spends a large part of his time optimizing his campaigns and monitoring the competition or the opinions of consumers of the product and competitors.

Where does the traffic manager work?

The places where the traffic manager are large: large companies, SMEs or communication agencies. But he can also work independently.

Trends in the profession

At the heart of the issues related to the development of trade and the need for companies to be visible on the web, the job of traffic manager is increasingly sought after and requires advanced skills.

Qualifications required to become a traffic manager

Good Traffic Manager has many qualities:

  • Have a certain commercial flair
  • Master web analysis, tracking and retargeting tools;
  • Know the levers of web marketing: SEO, SMO, Display, e-mailing… and master the techniques;
  • Have a good knowledge of computer languages ​​(html, SQL, JavaScript,…);
  • Know how to manage a budget;
  • Be proactive ;
  • Have good writing skills;
  • Keep a constant watch on the habits of users and competitors;
  • Have a good relationship;
  • Knowing how to work in a team.

Training to become a traffic manager

There are many ways to devenir Traffic Manager. As recruiters are increasingly picky, they are looking for qualified candidates.

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Initial training

Licence level

  • BTS Communication;
  • DUT Marketing or IT;

Master level

  • Professional license in commerce specializing in customer relationship management and e-commerce;
  • Professional bachelor’s degree in e-commerce and digital marketing;
  • Bachelor web
  • Web project manager
  • Digital communication project manager;

Doctorate level

  • MASTER marketing, wait
  • Graduate diploma in marketing, business management and international management (IDRAC Lyon)
  • Diploma from the Paris Higher Institute of Commerce
  • Diploma from the La Rochelle Business School
  • Diploma from the European Business School of Paris
  • Diploma from the Pau Business School
  • Digital Communication Manager (IIM)

Continuing education

As part of a professional reorientation, it is possible to devenir  traffic manager by following numerous training courses from private establishments.

Possible evolutions of the traffic manager

A Traffic Manager can evolve into a position of e-merchandiser, buyer, web marketer but also, with experience, develop skills and supervise a team of Traffic Managers.

Salary of a traffic manager

A beginner traffic manager can expect to earn a monthly salary of between $ 1,600 and $ 2,000 gross.

With experience, this remuneration can evolve up to $ 4,000 gross. At the end of his career, depending on his missions and his company, his salary can reach 5,000 $ gross monthly.

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