Definition: Treasury Collector Job Description

What are the missions of a treasury collector? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this job description Agent of treasury collection.

Do you want to work in the public service and have a taste for human contact? Discover our job description collector of the treasury.

Focus on the profession of treasury collector

Responsible for disputes between taxpayers and the public treasury, the treasury collector is an official of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance.

Official of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the tasks of thedebt collector are versatile. Whether users need help filling out their income tax return, a fine to be regularized or a property tax to be paid, everyone may need at one time or another to meet with this professional.

Indeed, the main mission of this official is to regularize all kinds of disputes, sometimes complex, between the taxpayer and the Public Treasury.

But its mission does not end there. The Treasury collection agent also oversees the management of local government expenditure and revenue and controls the accounts of local public establishments.

  • Receive and inform users
  • Help to complete the income tax return
  • Settles all kinds of disputes between the taxpayer and the administration, namely taxes
  • Manages the expenses and revenues of local authorities
  • Audit of the accounts of local public establishments

Qualifications required to become a treasury collector

This profession requires many qualities:

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This profession of figures requires a lot of rigor because some of his missions commit him personally and financially in the event of errors.


When he works in small services, the administrative agent of the Public Treasury performs many different missions from welcoming the public to filling out tax documents to meet community stakeholders.

Interpersonal skills

A good sense of relations is necessary because the agent of the administration of the public treasury is frequently in contact with the public or with the services of local communities.

How to become a treasury collector

To apply for this post, you must pass the common category C competition organized by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. To be able to sit for it, you must be of legal age, hold a college diploma or BEPC, or an equivalent qualification, be of French nationality or a national of a Member State of the European Union and have a record. judicial virgin.

The competition takes place in two parts:

  • Eligibility: multiple choice quizzes designed to verify basic knowledge of spelling, general culture, math and logic.
  • Admission tests.

The candidate once received is appointed trainee agent who will confirm his tenure by doing a one-year internship (paid), alternating theoretical training at the National School of the Public Treasury, and practical training.

Salary of a treasury collector

The gross monthly remuneration varies between $ 1,200 for a beginner to $ 2,200 gross at the end of his career. To this are added bonuses and additional services such as residence allowances.

Where does the treasury collector work?

Even if the agent generally works at the counter of an establishment or in the Treasury offices, he may be called upon to travel within the framework of collection missions.

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