Definition: Valet Parking Job Description

What are the valet’s missions? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this valet job description.

Valet profession

Present in the lobby of all major hotels to ensure the well-being of customers, discover this valet profession in detail in order to check whether it corresponds to your aspirations and your retraining or development objectives.

What is a valet?

In charge of welcoming customers who arrive by car in front of high-end establishments (hotels, restaurants, palaces, nightclubs, etc.), the valet, also named doorman, bellboy or porter, takes care of unloading their luggage before going to park their vehicle in the parking lot. At their request, he brings them back.

Missions of a valet

  • As a valet, he welcomes customers arriving by car, parks their car in a secure car park and returns them at their request;
  • As a porter, he unloads the luggage, carries the suitcases and visits the rooms;
  • As a bellhop, he conveys messages to customers and opens doors for them;
  • As a lift attendant, he accompanies elevator trips
  • He is also in charge of calling taxi companies to accompany customers to the airport.

Where does the valet work?

The valet works with upscale and prestigious establishments such as hotels, palaces, nightclubs, restaurants…

Qualifications required to become a valet

The first person customers meet, the valet must above all be very neat and have great interpersonal skills, such as always having a smile, to convey a positive image of the establishment and warmly welcome customers.

It is essential to know how to keep calm at all times and to be accessible and available to meet the needs of customers.

Receiving many foreign customers, the valet must have a perfect command of English and if possible, another as well.

You also have to love the world of cars and know how to drive any type of vehicle.

Finally, you must have a good physical capacity because you must be able to stand for long periods of time, often outside and at night.

Training to become a valet

To become a valet, no specific diploma but to progress, it may be useful to have one of the following diplomas:

Initial training

CAP level

  • CAP Hotel services
  • BEP Trades

Baccalaureate standard

  • Hospitality techno baccalaureate

Licence level

  • BTS Hotel and catering

Continuing education

As part of a professional reorientation, it is possible to become a valet if you have had a B license for at least 2 years and all your points. But you can also take one of the above diplomas.

Possible evolutions of the valet

Valet parking can evolve into receptionist or concierge positions to manage lobby employees in hotels and large restaurants.

Salary of a valet

The average salary for a valet is around $ 1,200 net per month, plus customer tips.

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