Definition: Web Designer Job Description

What are the missions of the Webdesigner? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this Webdesigner business sheet.

Webdesigner profession

If you are considering retraining as a web designer, you are making a good choice. At the crossroads of the artist and the computer scientist, the web designer creates ergonomic web interfaces, graphically pleasant and totally adapted to the content of the website. Find out how to convert as a web designer.

What is a web designer?

An essential professional in web creations, the profession of web designer cannot be reduced to the simple visual aspect of a site or an application. A good web designer must understand the constraints of the web while having an artistic soul.

More and more, the profession is becoming more complex in order to respond to new issues related to the internet and new web consumption habits.

Also named designer of Web interfaces, he must henceforth intervene at different levels of the design:

  • Graphic design by designing the interface visual as well as all the necessary elements (choice of colors, font, characters, iconography, etc.). He may have to design the entire visual identity of a site;
  • Ergonomic by prioritizing the information as much as possible so that the message to be communicated is as clear as possible for the Internet user;
  • Marketing by integrating the client’s objectives

A web designer can work either as a freelance or as an employee, under the responsibility of the project manager or the artistic director, within a communication or advertising agency, or within a company. He then becomes part of teams and may intervene in only one aspect of a project or several.

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In terms of retraining, this job still offers great opportunities for “atypical profiles” and/or without a diploma.

Web designer missions

The profession of web designer is a versatile profession which requires:

  • Know how to target the needs of the company, its positioning and its objective, while taking into account the technical and financial constraints;
  • Propose graphic specifications taking into account technical, budgetary, ergonomic constraints and customer requests;
  • Make models according to the audience;
  • Ensure the follow-up of the website after delivery and make the necessary graphic modifications;
  • Perform updates if necessary;
  • Apply your SEO knowledge to optimize SEO creation;
  • Define and design the ancillary communication supports.

Where does the web designer work

Most often, young web designers start out as employees in an agency specializing in website creation, a communication or advertising agency, or within a company. These are the structures that offer the most job offers.

When you have the soul of an entrepreneur and you do not want to depend on a boss, it is also quite possible to start your own business as a web designer.

Trends in the profession

A constantly evolving profession, it offers many recruitment opportunities and is sought after because it requires a multitude of different skills.

Qualifications required to become a web designer


Like all graphic professions, that of web designer requires a real artistic fiber, a great creativity and a fertile imagination to know how to renew oneself with each project.

Mastery of graphic tools

The web designer knows how to use various graphic tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe After effects…

Responsiveness and organization

This creative must respect delivery deadlines in relation to the financing of the projects.

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He must keep abreast of technological advances, graphic developments, and update his knowledge to always be at the forefront of expectations.

The meaning of relational

There are many interactions with the different actors who intervene throughout the creation process. The web designer must be able to consider the expectations of companies and adapt to them while reporting to their artistic director or the project manager.

Training to become a web designer

Initial training

Licence level

  • BTS graphic design, communication and digital media option
  • DUT multimedia and internet professions

Master level

  • Professional license in graphic design, web designer and multimedia
  • Professional license in interactive and multimedia communication
  • Image arts and techniques license
  • Professional degree in digital professions: web design, writing and production various courses: mobile web design
  • Diplomas from schools specializing in web professions

Doctorate level

  • Professional master’s degree in web cultures and professions
  • Professional master’s degree in multimedia and internet interface design
  • Art school diploma

Webdesigner retraining training

For candidates wishing to follow this path as part of a retraining, most of the above training is accessible in adult training but there are also many short, distance training courses…

Web designer salary

Depending on whether the professional is freelance or salaried, the method of remuneration differs. Beginner web designers often start with a minimum wage but the salary can go up to $ 2,900 gross per month. Depending on the company, the wage differentials can be high. A senior web designer can earn more than $ 3,500/month. confirmed can earn up to $ 3,600 net monthly.

Opportunities, evolutions

The web designer is a sought-after professional and agencies are now looking for very qualified candidates. SEO and site accessibility skills will be required more and more often.

Subsequently, a junior web designer can then become a senior web designer, editor, project manager or even artistic director and creative director.

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