Definition: Webmarketer Job Description

What are the missions of the Controller of a Webmarketer? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this Webmarketer business sheet.

Webmarketer profession

At the center of a company’s digital communication strategy, the Webmarketer is at the crossroads of several web and marketing skills. Discover this profession in detail.

What is the job of a web marketer?

The webmarketer is in charge of promoting his company’s website and increasing its traffic and sales. To do this, he analyzes the needs and expectations of online buyers to define relevant marketing strategies before putting them in place and analyzing the results.

Also called online marketing manager, web project manager, SEM consultant or interactive marketing manager, the job of webmarketer is relatively recent and brings together a number of skills within the same person.

This professional can work for a specific site or in an agency for several clients at the same time. When he works in a commercial company and a particular site, he is then attached to the marketing manager or the communication manager.

Webmarketer’s missions

Serving as a buffer between marketing, technology and sales, the webmarketer is entrusted with a large number of missions:

  • Establish specifications with the company to determine the objectives and parameters of the project;
  • Coordinate the development, design and launch of the website;
  • Promote web applications via a wide range of tools such as SEO, SEA, SMO, SEM;
  • Control the entire communication process;
  • Set up a marketing strategy;
  • Measurement and monitoring of results and optimization proposals.
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Qualities of a Webmarketer


One of the main qualities of a web marketer is his curiosity. He must be on the lookout for new products, keep an eye on web trends, follow the news of his competitors…

Analytical skills

To know how to propose adequate strategies, it is important to know how to analyze the data precisely and for this, to have a good analytical mind.

Good web and marketing knowledge

The web marketer must have solid skills in SEO (SEO, SEA…), affiliation, e-mailing and partnerships in order to be able to set up a complete and effective digital communication strategy but also in the different languages ​​of the web (HTML- CSS, Javascript, XML, PHP…) and their uses, as well as traffic analysis and referencing tools (Google Analytics, Converteo…).

Training to become a Webmarketer

Initial training

To qualify for this position, you must first of all have at least a Master and have a first experience.

Master level

  • Professional bachelor’s degree in e-commerce and digital marketing
  • Professional bachelor’s degree in computer systems and software specializing in web and commerce trades
  • Professional bachelor’s degree in media strategy and digital expertise
  • Bachelor in e-business and webmarketing project manager

Doctorate level

  • Master’s or business school diploma with a specialization in digital marketing such as the master’s degree in management sciences, specializing in marketing intelligence and market measurement

Continuing education

Professionals who have already graduated can follow certain specializations to improve their skills.

As part of a retraining, several short training courses are also possible within private organizations.

Webmarketer’s salary

The webmarketer’s salary beginner is between 20 to 30k $ per year. With a few years of experience, this remuneration could amount to more than 40k $.

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Possible evolutions

The webmarketer can evolve in marketing as a service manager, or become an expert in consulting companies in customer manager positions.

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