Definition: Webmaster Job Description

What are the missions of a webmaster? What training to follow to exercise this profession? What are his outlets and his salary? The answers are provided to you by this webmaster job sheet.

Webmaster: focus on the profession

With digital technology, many new professions have emerged, including that of webmaster. Also called webmaster or web administrator, this professional is regularly requested by companies because it is a multifaceted job. .

Depending on the size of the company in which he works, the webmaster will have more or less different tasks. It could in turn be:

  • Web integrator and will then have to cut, edit and integrate the different pages that will make up the site using the appropriate programming language HTML, CSS, Php…
  • Developer since he is in charge of the development, tests, corrections of the functionalities of the site, its evolution and its maintenance
  • Web designer because he must know how to master computer graphics tools and DTP software such as Photoshop, Indesign, Dreamweaver or Illustrator.
  • Editor since he must ensure the animation as well as the editorial content of the site.
  • Webmarketer and/or SEO since in some cases, he may be in charge of promoting this content and the visibility of the company on the web
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The webmaster therefore has more than one string to his bow. However, with the evolution of the web, the webmaster has seen certain missions withdrawn which have been entrusted to specialized professionals: SEO, webmarketer, ux designer…

Qualifications required to become a webmaster

Mastery of web programming

Above all, the webmaster has excellent knowledge of web programming, masters HTML and CSS language at the fingertips and has at least basic knowledge in a language such as JavaScript, PHP, Lingo.


The webmaster must keep his knowledge up to date and keep pace with technological developments. Curiosity and autonomy are therefore 2 essential qualities.


Like most web design professions, that of webmaster requires a certain creativity and a fertile imagination to know how to be a force of proposal for each project.

Responsiveness and organization

Meeting deadlines, organization and autonomy are essential skills for this web professional.

The meaning of relational

There are many interactions with the different actors who intervene throughout the creation process. The webmaster must be able to consider the expectations of companies and adapt to them while optimizing teamwork.

Training to become a webmaster

If this profession is still accessible by self-taught, recruiters are becoming more and more demanding and the need for training is essential. Companies now require the candidate to have a minimum of Licence solid training. There are many trainings that can lead to the position of webmaster.

Licence level

  • BTS SIO – IT services to organizations,
  • DUT MMI – multimedia and internet professions,
  • DEUST webmaster and internet business,
  • School certificates: multimedia developer, webmaster, developer analyst, web and digital production manager.
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Master level

  • Pro license in sound and image techniques,
  • LP communication professions: in charge of communication various paths – Public Communication and Digital Tools,
  • LP digital professions: design, writing and web production various courses – animation of communities and digital social networks,
  • Bachelor: web, web professions,
  • Online product design and production,

Doctorate level

  • Digital creation master’s degree specializing in interface design,
  • Master’s degree in information and communication specializing in digital project creation,
  • Professional master’s degree in information and communication specializing in information and digital media professions

Salary of a webmaster

Depending on whether the professional is freelance or salaried, the method of remuneration differs but the beginner salaried webmaster starts with a salary of around 2000 $ gross/month. This evolves up to 4000 $ gross/month over time and depending on the companies that employ it.

Opportunities, evolutions

The opportunities are relatively large because many companies need someone who is competent and efficient. The webmaster works in a web agency, for Pure Players companies (such as large ecommerces) but he can also work as a freelance. The profession requiring extreme versatility, the possible evolutions are numerous: project manager, back end developer, web designer, web artistic director…

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